List Plays Nits

last update: 17-6-03

List Plays Nits is a tribute project by fans for fans of Nits. The contributors are all members of the Nits Internet Mailing List. The participating members of the mailing list all have different backgrounds, varying musical interests and musical qualities. What they do have in common is enthusiasm for Nits music and they all like to let other fans hear how their interpretation of some their favorite songs. There have been three volumes so far. Also, a live project occurred, with fans performing Nits songs at a special Nits fan day.

Rob Kloet's impressions of List Plays Nits:

Dear NITSLIST-players, 
having just finished listening to the remastered tape CD and the volume two CD I must say I'm amazed! First of all by the dedication with which everyone who contributed to these cds worked on  their version of a nitssong. Secondly by the sometimes near perfection some people go for but most of all by the very personal approach of some of the songs. These recordings are full of surprises and very imaginative and colourful idea's. Really lovely. I don't want to comment on any song in particular because that would be unfair to the ones I wouldn't mention. But I want say to you all: Thank you very much  for making these recordings, it is really wonderful and great fun to listen to. Please go on, I'm already looking forward to volume three. I  wish everyone a nice summertime and hope to hear from you soon. 
All the  best, ROB.

It is possible to obtain copies (without artwork) of the albums: Just send an e-mail!

List Plays Nits Volume 1

Release info:
released on cassette tape: June 1997
rereleased (with a few minor changes) on CD: August 2000
production: Mark J. Moerman
artwork: Frank Veldkamp

1. Brian Williams (USA) - Intro (Beatles)
2. Brian Williams & Mark J. Moerman (USA) - Cars And Cars
3. Suonna Kononen (Finland) - Broken Wing
4. Teemu Korpipaa (Finland) - Long Forgotten Story
5. Gerry & Ago (Germany) - The Bauhaus Chair
6. Dennis Versteeg (the Netherlands) - Nescio (instrumental)
7. Ken Heaton & Warren Bowman (USA) - Pelican & Penguin
8. Suonna Kononen & Mark J. Moerman (Finland/USA) - Mountains In Minutes
9. Brian Williams (USA) - List and Nits (Cars And Cars instrumental)
10. Brian Williams - Halftime (J.O.S. Days instrumental, not on original tape)
11. Brian Williams & Steve Schnee (USA) - Day And The Night
12. Jah Marka (USA) - In The Dutch Mountains
13. Kvarnbarn (Sweden) - Whales Of Tadoussac
14. Kirsten Roelleke (Germany) - Hook Of Holland
15. Suonna Kononen (Finland) - Moved By Her
16. Guy Incognito (USA) - Chameleon Girl
17. Gerry & Ago (Germany) - Sorrow
18. Brian Williams (USA) - Nits And The Nits (Day And The Night instrumental)
19. Jah Marka (USA) - Dutch Mountains (Slight Return)

List Plays Nits Volume 2

Release info:
released: 2000
production: Mark J. Moerman
engineering & mastering: Brian Williams
artwork: Frank Veldkamp

1. Suonna Kononen (Finland) - Listwish 2000 (Henk Hofstede's On The Radio)
2. Elbowhead (Finland) - Giant Normal Dwarf
3. Maarten Eijkhout (the Netherlands) - Slip Of The Topgue 
4. Suonna Kononen & Maarten Eijkhout (Finland/the Netherlands) - Alankomaat
5. Anne & Danny (the Netherlands) - An Eating House
6. Slot & Xy (France) - Chemise Propre A Amsterdam (Clean Shirt In Paris)
7. Dennis Versteeg (the Netherlands) - Office At Night
8. Mark J. Moerman (USA) - Holiday On Ice
9. Brian Williams (USA) - House On House (instrumental) 
10. Demetrios Fakinos & Symeon Charalaqbides (Greece) - Home Before Dark
11. r a d i o (Finland) - Broken Wing (Problems With Drinking)
12. Kirsten Roelleke (Germany) - Suddenly I Met Your Face
13. Maarten Eijkhout (the Netherlands) - Statue
14. Mark J. Moerman (USA) - Think It Over
15. Adrian Whitaker, Deena Omar & John Guilfoyle (UK) - Giant Normal Dwarf (String Quartet)
16. Ton Strom (Germany) - Oom-Pa-Pa (NightmareDemoVersion)
hidden bonustrack. Dennis Versteeg (the Netherlands) - Office At Night (instrumental)

LICE & NITS - Live in Utrecht 19-11-2000

Original Cover                                                           Alternate Cover

Release info:
LICE = mailing list members Nits tribute band
NITS = various configurations featuring several former members
Released: 2001
recorded at the Greatest Nits International Nits Convention (click link to find more information)
recording and production: Maarten Eijkhout, Tenno
artwork: Mychael Gerstenberger & Krzysztof Welian


Disc 1: LICE
1. Wilco's Announcement
2. Adrian Whitaker & Deena Omar - Giant Normal Dwarf
3. Announcing LICE
4. Bilbao Boa
5. Radio Shoes
6. Erom On
7. The Tender Trap
8. Fishes
9. Band Introductions
10. 26A (Clouds In The Sky)
11. Wlico Again
12. Guest Introduction
13. Spirtis Awake (with Michiel Peters)
14. Skateboard Boy
15. Dapperstreet
16. Typist Of Candy (with Martin Bakker)
17. Statue
18. Frog
19. In The Dutch Mountains (with Henk Hofstede)
20. Bilbao Boa (with Henk Hofstede)


Disc 2: NITS
1. General Announcement
Henk Hofstede &Martin Bakker
2. Chameleon Girl (with Tenno)
3. Guest Introduction
Henk Hofstede, Joke Geraets & Peter Meuris
4. Home Before Dark
Henk Hofstede, Joke Geraets, Peter Meuris & Michiel Peters
5. Adieu, Sweet Bahnhof
6. Announcing Original Line-Up
Henk Hofstede, Rob Kloet, Michiel Peters & Alex Roelofs
7. Red Tape
8. Bild Am Sonntag (As Usual)
9. Shadow Of A Doubt
10. 4 Ankles
11. The Infant King
12. Tutti Ragazzi
13. Thanks!

List Plays Nits Volume 3

Release info:
Not yet released (due in 2003)
production: Maarten Eijkhout
artwork: Mychael Gerstenberger & Coos de Graaf

1. Erik Stein & Jon Boux (UK) - In The Dutch Mountains
2. Dennis Versteeg & Frank van der Burgt (the Netherlands) - Mask
3. Suonna Kononen & Dennis Versteeg (Finalnd/the Netherlands) - De Rode Vaas
4. Coos de Graaf (the Netherlands) - 5 Hammering Men
5. Frank Ducourant, Maarten Eijkhout, Sonja Boelhouwer & Anna Adrichem (France/the Netherlands) - 26A (Clouds In The Sky)
6. Suonna Kononen (Finland) - In The Night
7. Adrian Whitaker, Deena Omar, John Guilfoyle & Lester Moses (UK) - Crane Driver
8. Van Nature (the Netherlands) - Heldere Nacht (Abandoned Mine)
9. Suonna Kononen & Dennis Versteeg (Finland/the Netherlands) - In A Play (Das Mädchen Im Pelz)
10. Christian H. Soetmann (Germany) - The Train
11. Frank van der Burgt (the Netherlands) - Mask (instrumental)
12. Eric Stein & Jon Boux (UK) - In The Dutch Mountains (instrumental)