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For the most up to date news about the Nits and all kinds of Nits-related chat, subscribe to the mailing list maintained by Bert Wylin in Belgium.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, please go to: You'll find all the necessary information about the list and the possible list options.

Some NITSlist tips from Bert

  1. If you send OFF TOPIC messages, please put the words OFF TOPIC in capitals in the subject header. That's a very simple addition, but it will help a lot of people to select the messages to read or to trash.
  2. You can FILTER your messages if you have a good email program (like Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape mail, etc...) . So, if you don't want to read the OFF TOPIC messages, filter them directly to your TRASH folder. This will be very easy since the words OFF TOPIC can be filtered from the subject header. (That's the way filters work : they try to recognize words in the mailing headers.) [NB.If you have a mailer like Eudora you can even prevent the program from retrieving OFF TOPIC messages from your local server. No more wasted bandwith... Tip : You can also filter all nitslist messages to a separate folder. I do and it's very comfortable].
  3. If you have problems with the amount of email, please subscribe to the DIGEST-version of this list. This allows you to read all messages in one email a day and allows you to participate actively to the discussion. The digest is sent daily. (NB The digest contains all posts off topic or not).
  4. On the NITSLIST information page, you can change your subscription from "bounce" (receive every message immediately) to "digest" (receive one daily email, containing all the messages of that day, if any).
  5. If you really think someone is going over the top, across the line, or over whatever, please make a kind reply to that person and try not to bother the entire list with your complaints... I believe in the power of a kind and respectful human conversation. No flames on this list please.
  6. Replies to messages automatically go to the original sender of the list, not to the list address. But this is only a formal change, you can easily edit your reply message and put the list address in the TO-field.

Mailing List archive

Stored here are all the postings and mailings that came across Bert's mailing list. Filenames are, where YYYYMM indicates year and month. Obviously this archive is updated monthly. New files are put up during the following month. The mails are ZIP'd to save space.

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Last modified: 01-01-2005