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Sunday, November 19th 2000, 11:00 - 16:30
Stairway To Heaven, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In the middle of the Nits Dutch Wool Theater Tour there was a special day organized
by fans for other fans and the Nits, to celebrate over 25 years of great music. The day
was called '
GREATEST NITS INC' and it took place the afternoon of sunday November 19th.
The location was Stairway To Heaven in Utrecht.

Fans came from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, United Kingdom,
Finland and even Canada for this event! The Nits themselves were present and available to the fans
during the day. Also former Nits members were invited and most of them were present.
The following (ex-)Nits were there:

Henk Hofstede (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards from 1974-now)
Rob Kloet (drums, percussion from 1974-now)
Michiel Peters (guitar, lead vocals from 1974-1985)
Alex Roelofs (bass guitar from 1974-1981)
Joke Geraets (standing and electric bass from 1986-1989)
Petra Lugtenburg (vocals and keyboards 1986)
Peter Meuris (percussion and violin from 1992-1996)
Martin Bakker (standing and electric bass from 1992-1996)
Arwen Linneman (electric and standing bass from 1998-now)
Laetitia van Krieken (keyboards from 1998-now)
Leona Philipo (vocals from 2000-now)
Paul Telman (sound from late 1970s-now)
Tom Telman (light from late 1970s-now)

  The day consisted of various very Nitsy events, including a Nits market, Nits videos, a lottery with Nits prizes, rare Nits audio,
and the Tom Telman Nits Quiz. One of the highlights was a performance by
LICE, a one-time-only band,
consisting of various Nits fans from different countries, who performed Nits songs from all over the 25 year Nits period.
Some (ex-)Nits members joined LICE on stage. Information about LICE can be found on this page.

The biggest event was a surprise performance by various Nits and ex-Nits members. Some of them hadn't
been on stage in quite a few years. The highlight was the reunion of the original Nits
line-up, who hadn't played together since 1981! They performed 6 songs together.

Thanks to everyone (fans and band) who were there!

The organizing committee
(Clemens, Maarten, Dennis, Jolanda, Wilco and Pieter)

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