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The Book

There is a book called The Nits written by Pieter Cramer. It came out in 1989 and appeared under the ISBN number 90-379-0074-7. It was part of the limited Deluxe Urk edition. In it you will find extensive Nits biography and history, discography till Hat, funny stories and anecdotes and lots of Nits pictures. It is written entirely in Dutch. Unfortunately it was sold out early 1993.

Nits Articles in Oor

Oor is a Dutch music magazine, which has featured several articles about the Nits over the years.

Nits Articles in Newspapers

Featured articles are from the following magazines:

Nits Articles in Books

Release Infos

Tom Telman provided us with the following release infos:

Also he was so kind to write down some of Henk's thoughts about Nest.

Interview with Henk

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