holiday  /\                   o  <--- uncle on Mars
  on ice  /  \ moon and stars     ,,,,,
     /\  /    \     * *              ,,,          oriental skies --->
    /  \/      \   ) *        rainfallagain
   /            \                    ___
  /  Dutch       \~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/   \      Finnish polders
 /    mountains   \     fishes     /     \
/                  \______________/       \_____h______________v_____
                                            bauhaus chair   rode vaas
ASCII-Art by Suonna Kononen.

Most of the pictures here are high-quality JPEG-files, either true color or grayscale. Be sure to stop by at the other Nits resources.

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For the benefit of those who could not get hold of a copy of the Nits Alankomaat album or single release, here are some sound clips. They are provided as MPEG Audio Layer III, 22 kHz, stereo. You can grab mp3-players for your favourite OS at the usual places.

Note: You will never find a complete Nits song in CD quality here, unless the Nits specifically alllow it.

Alankomaat 0:42, 298K

Robinson 0:32, 221K

The Light 0:28, 194K

Soul Man 1:23, 573K

Henk plays the Bulbul 0:56, 383K

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