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Strawberry Wood [NEW!]

Strawberry Wood will be the title of the next Nits album, to be published in October 2009. The Strawberry Wood tour has already started and the songs are being played live. Fellow Nits fan Dennis remarks: They are a bunch of quirky pop songs with varying styles. Some quite straightforward, some very experimental.

Nits Box Set [NEW!]

Starting from October 2nd, the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant will offer a 10 CD box set, containing Nits albums released between 1983 and 2008. The box is accompanied by a 2000-word essay from fellow Nits fan Chris Evans. No remixing or remastering has been done to the songs, and the albums Alankomaat and Wool will probably be missing.


Greatest Nits convention 2005 took place on March 20 in Utrecht. As last time, it was a huge success, with fans from everywhere gathering to hear special performances by Nits fans, Nits coverband LICE, take part in the (still difficult) Tom Telman Quiz and see the Nits play in various lineups.

The pictures I took that day are on its own page now, but see also Dennis page about the event.

Greatest Nits Inc

There were fan conventions, nicknamed Greates Nits Inc, where INC was short for International Nits Conventions. During the convention you have the possibility to meet and chat with fellow fans, buy merchandise/records, take part in a Nits quiz and listen to various live perfomances.

Nits coverband LICE, consisting of Nits fans from all over the world usually performs and is joined by past or present Nits band members to augment the experience. Also Nits themselves will enter the stage and play in various combinations.

Two conventions have been held, one in 2000 and one in 2005. I took some pictures on both events. See also the Greatest Nits 2005 page.

Tour dates

Please see the official Nits Homepage and go to Agenda. It is much more reliable and up to date.

Some unsorted stuff regarding the Nits

Interview with Alex, Michiel and Joke (Nederlands only) from Nits Information Services (former fanclub).

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