Other Nits resources on the Net

Official Page

The official Nits homepage, regularly updated with news and announcements. Also listing of all upcoming concerts.


The Nits have their own Nitsmusic page with selected videos.

Rob Kloet

Rob Kloet's new page, currently reporting on his performance with poet Anne van Amstel.

Stips City

Robert Jans official homepage, with information about solo works and the various Bands he played with (among others Nits, Supersister, Golden Earring, etc)

Made by fellow Nits fans

Dennis Versteeg

Dennis The Maniac is working on a web page exclusive devoted to Nits concert tours and reviews. He also documented Greatest Nits INC, the first international convention of Nitsfans on November 19, 2000. Be sure to check it out, it is excellent work. See also the website for Dennis Nits book.

Franck D.

A collection of press clippings and pictures.

Nits Weblog

Some latest news are to be found on the new Nits Weblog.

Nits Forum

Started by Sebastien, the Nits Forum is a place to discuss stuff about the Nits.


Several Nits videos (mostly TV recordings) can be viewed on YouTube.

Jasper de Jong

Jasper created an album on the web with pictures of the Nits.

His pictures span more than 20 years of Nits, with emphasis on the time from 2004.

Brian Williams

Brian has been working on several pages, which are concert pictures from Utrecht 1996, Quebec 1996 plus scans from a Newspaper, a tour through Werf Studio, the VEST video page, a Cars & Cars midi file and pictures from the Internet broadcast of the Uitmarkt.

Henrico Pit

Henrico has another Nits Homepage with history and news items. Unfortunately it is only in Nederlands.

The Nits Mega Meeting 1998

Late December 1998 a meeting of nitslist members from all over Europe took place. There are images available, from Wojciech.

Friends of Dutch Opera

Mychael and friends have a wonderful website with great artwork, restored Nits album covers, discography and more.

Festival Pictures 2004

Ria has a selection of pictures from several 2004 festivals, during which the Nits performed.

Russian Fans

Someone in Russia published the Russian Nits Fanpage. It looks very nice, of course it is written in cyrillic letters.

From databases and commercial providers

Not strictly Nits related ...

Stop the Shoppers, the Swiss guys who played with Henk in the Amsterdam Berne Connection and observed the first Alankomaat songs being played, have a new album called Java and their own homepage.

The Finnish Shouting Choir and their record company Bad Vugum have their own homepages.

Wimme, Finnish singer featured on Alankomaat.

Rinneradio, Finnish band that played with Nits in Helsinki, Sept 97, and performs regularly with Wimme. There is another site with live music samples.

Check out Petra Lugtenburg's album Shellfire.

More information about Nederpop

The Tinguely Fountain in Basel, as seen during the Virtual City Tour.

Find out more about Leonard Cohen and the Nits on the Leonard Cohen Files.

A homepage of Nescio the author.

Find out more about Gruppo Sportivo.

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