Order Nits Material

There are several commercial CD vendors on the Net today. However, I have heard that not all of these are reliable. Instead I recommend the Virgin Megastore in Amsterdam, that also allows mail order. Write to
Virgin Retail Netherlands B.V.
P.O.box 17460
1001 JL  Amsterdam
tel +31 20 622 89 29 / fax +31 20 622 87 59
and ask for Andre Veerman.

Mark J. Moerman recommends the following:

Rockhose Records B.V.
Nieuwveenseweg 23
2421 La Nieuwkoop

Tel (31) (0) 172 571432/572895
Fax (31) (0) 172 573202

Non-commercial service

Jolanda van Huizen offers to buy Nits material for foreign fans. She does not make any money with it, only asks to cover her expenses. These are typically:
CD maxi16,-
CD single10,-
(Prices may vary depending on item and postage fare). Payment is accepted in cash Dutch guilders (Dfl) or US Dollars. No cheques please, they require large cashing fees. Mail your request to jvhuizen@zonnet.nl, Jolanda will then explain all the details.

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Jochen A. Stein, jst at nitsfans dot org
Last modified: 02-12-2003