Changes and Updates to the Nits Concert File.

Scroll down for earlier history.


- Updated Walter's discography with the latest versions he sent me.
- PUpdated the SongStats file.
- A major behind-the-scenes change took place. Jochen had to move the pages to a new host and I went with him. There is no change in the address, but the Nits Concert File was unavailable for about a week. It's back now and since the Les Nuits Tour is finished I probably should start on making a new page... I don't know how long it'll take, there's the other Nits project I'm working on, but I think I should do the Les Nuits Tour page first, so hopefully it won't take too long... Also, I think it's about time to give the pages amake-over and a new look, but I'm not sure yet how and when, but I'm thinking about it and that's at least a start..


- Again, almost no work done in a long time. Just a few minor mostly cosmetic things. There's another Nits-project I'm working on that is main reason for not updating. More on this hopefully in the future..
- Updated Walter's discography files again.


- No work on the pages the last few months, mainly due to the birth of my son Joeri! He has his own photopage (linked from the main page). I hope to add real content here again soon.
- Walter Schäppi sent me an updated version of his discography, which I uploaded.


- Added an entry for 'Apache' at the 1974 page.
- Updated the Draagbare Huis and INC2005 entries in the SongStats file.


- Made the Adieu Sweet Bahnhof Demos page and put it online.


- Made the Tent Demos page and put it online.


- Added photos by Jasper de Jong (Basel 2005 & Brussels 2004) to the Dark Room Photo page.
- Made the Sampler Demos page and put it online.


- Added Ka Ka Ka to the ITDM-demo page
- Made the dAdAdA Demos and Other demos pages and put them online


- Final check of the 1974 page and placed it online


- Written the final entries for the 1974 page


- Wrote several song entries for the 1974 page.
- Created the Henk and Dutch Mountains demos pages and put them online.


- Made the complete Work demo page
- Wrote song entries for the 1974 page.


- Updated my personal and photo pages. Added links to it at the bottom of the left frame.


- Omsk Tour: cosmetic changes and spell check.


- 1974 Tour: typed the introduction, band, stage and song sections. Collected and added the images. Just the song entries need to be done..


- Final entries in the Stats File. It went quicker then expected.
- Made an introductory page for the Stats File and put it online.


- More entries in the Stats File, again about 1/3 done.


- First entries in the Stats File, about 1/3 done.


- I started working on a plan I had several years ago: making a Song Statistics page. After thinking what the best way to do this I decided to make at an Excel File. That's not good news for Mac-users and I'm sorry for that, but I thought it was the best option. Started making a lay-out for this item.


- Added Nights In White Satin and Panorama Man on the Ting page.
- Added Vah Hollanda Seni Seni to the Urk page.


- Correcting the info on the Amsterdam entry on the Frits2 page.


- Continued with the Frits2 page: inserting of images, putting the Frits2 page online.


- Continued with the Frits2 page: listening to recording, writing song descriptions, collecting images.


- Happy New Year!
- Started with the Frits2 page: design, writing everything up to the song descriptions, collecting images.


- Made and uploaded a page for the Greatest Nits 2005 Convention.


- Added two songs to the Alankomaat Demo page.


- Created a separate page for the Urk Tour with the layout of the original Hat page. Wrote some new entries, an introduction and moved songs from the Hat page to the Urk page. 
- Updated the Hat  Tour page with several rewrites and extensions of songs and two new entries (MoL II, SingTel), changed the color scheme and moved several songs to the Urk page.
- Updated the Ting Tour page with some small rewrites and extensions of songs.
- Updated the New Flat Tour page with some small rewrites and extensions of songs and one new entry (please please me).


- Updated the Nest Tour page with some rewrites and extensions of songs.


- Updated the Henk Tour page with some rewrites and extensions of songs.


- Updated the Summer 87 Tour page with info from the excellent Nyon concert (Adieu, Vermillion Pencil, PeliPen).
- Updated the Adieu Tour and dAdAdA page with some rewrites and extensions of songs and even adding one or two new 


- Finished typing the last few entries and did a few minor changes and added a picture
- Spell-check, final lay-out stuff
- Placed the Wool page online!!!
- Adapted the frontpage and the links there

Several months ago I made the (small) Omsk Demos page. I never uploaded it, but I've done that now.


Worked mostly on some images and did a little bit of typing.


Transcribed and typed the last songs from 'regular' concerts (only a few special concerts need to be done). Made a few more pictures.


Listened and transcribed a song or 2, typed a few more.


More song listening, taking notes and typing descriptions.


And more song descriptions typed and pictures added. 


More song descriptions typed and pictures added. Listen to a few songs and took notes.

Removed the mp3-downloads. They have a new home at Alwin's page:
I have added many new songs to it and will probably keep doing that for a while. 


OK, as promised: work has resumed on the Wool page by entering song descriptions and some images. I still need to listen to a few shows to take notes, but that'll happen in the coming days/weeks.


I've worked very irregularly on the website in the time since the last entry in this log. Life intervened: moving to a new house, getting married... After the summer I expect to work on the page again. First project: finally finishing the Wool page. I started working on that one in 2001 by taking notes. Already the introduction and general information sections has been written, now the songs need to be described. The latest tour (1974) is already over again and there are some excellent recordings available, so I guess that will be the next project after Wool... Hopefully I'll get that one finished before the next tour is over ;-)


- Uploaded the updates to Walter's Discography in the downloads section.


- Added a new photo page to the Darkroom: A Visit to Werf, september 2003. Photos by Arjan Versteeg.


- Fixed the broken link to the yokohama station download.


- Got permission from Nick Werren to use his photos, so the Nits and Friends page came online!
- Mostly debugged the frames page and that one now is online too!
- Corrected the font on several pages
- Small cosmetic changes to the Nits and Friends page
- Asked for permission to use the photos, awaiting confirmation..
- Worked on the new frames-based site, checking links


- Added photos op the Nits and Friends page.


- Summer heat caused the Nits and Friends page updates to be very sporadic, but today I finished the text.
- I had some e-mail contact with Eric Facon concerning the apges and he gave me a lot of help with the story 
behind this tour.


- Typing song entries for the Nits & Friends Swiss Tour page.


- Transcription of the Nits & Friends Swiss Tour recordings for a new page.
- Lay-out concept created for Nits & Friends Swiss Tour.


- Flashback to Cohen: spell check, minor text and lay-out changes.
- dAdAdA Tour: spell check, minor text
and lay-out changes. Updated the Yokohama Station entry.
- Frits Tour: spell check, minor text
and lay-out changes.
- Giant Normal Dwarf Tour: spell check, minor text
and lay-out changes.


Life and my new job interfered with updating the Nits Concert File, but I've started things up once again..
- spellcheck and fixed some broken links in non-tour pages.
- Adieu Tour: background image was lost: new (temporary?) background and text colors, spell check, minor text 
  and lay-out changes.
- Alankomaat Tour: spell check, minor text
and lay-out changes.


Updated the Nits (1978-1979) Tour page.
  - added info about the 'private tape' in the introduction and throughout the song descriptions.
  - adapted and expanded many song entries 
  - spell and grammar check
Updated the links in the introduction.
Created the Alankomaat Demo page. 


Created the download page and moved Walter's discography there and added an mp3 file of yokohama station.
Updated the Hobbyland page


Happy 2003! (and a very belated 2002...)

After a very long absence I've returned to the Nits Concert File. I've decided to continue and update the pages again. I'll probably won't have much time, but I intend to try to regularly work on these pages. Today I started to redesign the pages, including frames. I went through all the pages and checked what needed to be updated. Rewrote the introduction a little bit.


A lot of things, but mainly writing a thesis for the conclusion of my PhD, prevented me from working on the Nits Concert File in 2002.  


Added Keith Ward and Jouni Heikkinen and updated Sandra Gerhard's entry on the People page.
Added two photos in the 'band' section of the Dark Room pages. The photos were supplied by Mychael Gerstenberger.
Made a link to Walter's discography on the main Nits Concert File site.


Updated the Dark Room page with 8 images supplied by Mychael Gerstenberger.
2 in the Tentart section and 6 in the Band section.


Added a page for Walter's Nits Discography with downloadable Word files.

More new photo pages at the Dark Room
- Individual members photos
-Old snapshots from the 1970s
-Poppodium 1989 photos
-Vondelpark 1988


Finally uploaded the pages after the nitsfans server was not available for uploads for some time, because it moved to a new computer!

New hobbyland pages are:

-Hjuvi program
-Nits in 1997 as thought of in 1987
-Live photos 1983
-Various band photos
-Various live photos
-Moscow, March 1983
-Original Tent artwork

And I have scanned even more photos from Ferdi, they will soon be added as well I hope.


Created new pages for the Dark Room photo page at home. I received a lot of newspaper clippings, photos and other stuff from Ferdi. Didn't upload them yet .


Updates on the Flashback to Cohen page
-Tom Telman gave me some new info and I corrected a few tiny spelling errors.

Updates on Summer 87 Tour pages
-Font changed to Arial
-Some additions from info by Mychael Gerstenberger


The photo page is back, now called Dark Room. I've totally redesigned it and added several previously unseen photos (supplied to me by Eric Facon and Ferdi Oude Nijeweme). Also I added a list of links to other Nits photos on the web.

Slight rewrite of the main Nits Concert File page.


Happy 2001!

Another year, another update..

I find it harder and harder to find the time to do much updates, but a few photos have been added to the Greatest Nits pages, some minor text corrections were made and I changed Sandra Gerhard's entry for the People page.

During the Christmas holiday I started on the Wool page (listening to shows and making notes), but nothing has been types yet.

I've also still got to do the updates for the Tent tour, which I started, but never finished..


Due to the fact that the scanner has been malfunctioning I haven't updated the photo pages of Greatest Nits INC in over a week, while there's still plenty to scan.. I hope to be able to do that soon.

I have updated Franck Ducourant's People Page entry and added Deena Omar and Adrian Whittaker to that page.

November and First Half of December

Although I didn't update the update log (sorry about that..) there was plenty of website making going on!
The Greatest Nits pages were in constant evolution, adding reports, LICE info, downloadable Skateboard Boy and mostly: many, many photos!


After a very busy October I did my first update in over a month:

Changed Sandra Gerhard's photo on the People Page.


The last week I've been relistening to Tent tour tapes and I will make change on the Tent Tour page. A few new concerts I obtained after the last update will now also be used. Today the non-songlist parts of the page were extended/rewritten. I hope to start on the songs soon.


Many Greatest Nits Inc page updates:
- created LICE section
- many updates and rewrites on the main page
-scanned the Dutch and English flyers and created pages for them
-created a counter for the main page


Updated Mychael Gerstenberger's Hobyland entry


Added Chris Venema's picture to the people page.
Updated Hans Mulders' and Igor Ronckers' Hobbyland trading pages

late september 00

made and installed the Greatest Nits pages in a few days


Added Aino Heikkinen's picture to the People page.


Some updates on the Hat (Urk) page:
-Football blues entry updated
-Intermezzo entry added
-Changed font to Arial

Updated Hans Mulders' tapelist on the Hobbyland page.


Added Sander Wegereef's tapelist to the Hobbyland page
Updated my own list with 3 new recordings
Added a picture of me to the Hobbyland page, as well as to the people page (replacing the laserlab one)


Added Marten Holst's Helsinki photos to the Meeting page.


Added tapelists of Friedemann Heusel, Hans Mulders and  Mychael Gerstenberger and my updated list to the Hobbyland page.

Added Marten Holst' picture to the Meet the Mailing List People page.


Created pages for Friedemann Heusel, Hans Mulders and Mychael Gerstenberger for the Hobbyland pages. Updated my own trading page with exgtensive Demo info. They will be added tomorrow


Added Wilco Barg's tapelist to the Hobbyland page.


Put the Hobbyland page online and anounced it on the nits mailing list.
Added Igor Ronckers page to the Hobbyland page
Made a link from the Nits Concert File to Hobbyland


Spent one evening creating Hobbyland - Nits Tape Trading Page.
Also created my own tapelist (actually updated and reformatted), which took more time than the main Hobbyland page itself..


Flashback to Leonard Cohen page:
-received additional info from Tom Telman
-added this info
-made a link to the page on the main concert file page
-put the page online for everyone to read!


Flashback to Leonard Cohen page:
-wrote the remaing 4 song sections
-sent the page to Tom Telman for additional info and corrections


Flashback to Leonard Cohen page:
-wrote 4 of the 8 song entries
-lay-out of the page
-downloaded Cohen album covers, photos and song lyrics and added them to the page


Flashback to Cohen page:
-finished writing the overview
-wrote the band, stage and songs sections


Updated Sebastiaan de Kruiff's and my own entry at the people page.

Started the Leonard Cohen Flashback page:
-written part of the overview
-added cohen to nits photo with photoshop


Listened to all the songs I have from the Flashback to Leonard Cohen concert and made notes to create a new page.
It's about time, the last one was added February 7th...
Also: many, many updates have to be done, whch will happen after I finish the Cohen page.
(ha, that's what I also said in the january 11th entry on this page...).


Happy birthdy to me!


Added photo pages fro Suonna, Anna and Maarten at the Helsinki Meeting page.


Nits Mailing List People Update:
-Updated Aino Heikkonen's info
-Added a for the Nits Mega Meeting in Helsinki with photo pages by Dennis and Suonna
-Added Kirsten Rölleke's info


Nits Mailing List People Updates (Now 80 entries!):
- New Entry: Katta Heikkilä
- Added a photo for Ben Ellis


Back from Finland and Estonia!

Nits Mailing List People Page updates:
- Created section for the Mega Meetings and link to photo page 1998. Photopage 2000 will be added soon.
- Changed Sandra Gerhard's photo
- Added Friedemann Heusel's info and picture
- Added Peter Decroubele's info


New entry at People Page: Marco Sternal
Update at People Page: Marcel Bestebroer


Another new entry for the Nits Mailing List People page: Herald ten Dam


Three new entries for the Nits Mailing List People page: Thorsten Harder, Stefan Kaiser and Gilles Zelmanse


Added an update for the song Patsy on both the Giant Normal Dwarf and Alankomaat pages, thanks to Lammert Mulder for the info.

Changed font in the GND Tour page.


Added an entry for Stacey Wilber on the 'Meet the Nits Mailing Lst People' page.


Added an entry for Burkhard Wiche and an update and a photo for Suonna Kononen on the 'Meet the Nits Mailing List People' page.


Added an entry for Anna Boeren ,Lutz Tacke's photo and an update and a photo for Franck Ducourant to the 'Meet the Nits Mailing List People' page.


YES!! The Alankomaat page is online. After adding the last few images I have put the thing finally online...


One week of not being able to work on the page... Finally got around to spend a complete evening on it.

Final Tower of Song entries are added. Took a complete evening to go through every message to the Mailing List in 1998!! Too much work. Some more album covers will need to be added, but no more texts will be added I think. The page will finally get online this week!!!!

It's now a quarter of an hour after midnight, so I'll continue tomorrow I hope.


A bit more typing on the Alankomaat Page.


More work on the Alankomaat Tour page.

Did some more image search on the internet, coming up with a picture of the Tingueley fountain for the 'Henry Moore' entry. Added some extra Tom Telman remarks, he answered a question concerning the Soap Bubble Box entry.

Finished typing the last song entries!!

I will now finish scanning the 1998 Mailing List archive for more Tower of Song entires and other notable mentions. Also some lay-out work is still ahead, as well as incorporating and finishing the Alankomaat Tour Dates page. Maybe I'll also make some computer drawings, which haven't been done yet for this page.


The flood of entries for the 'Meet the Mailing List People' page seems to have severly slowed down, so typing on song entries for the Alankomaat page resumed this evening. Also I did some minor rewrites on the Overview and Song sections.

Did a huge internet search for album covers to most of the Tower of Song entries. Came up with around about15 images. Added these to the page.


Created a page with information about the contents of the new bunch of Archive Tapes I received from Tom Telman. Actually it's about 75% of the tapes on the page, because I haven't heard every tape yet.. The page is only available on request, there's no link to it from any of my 'public' Nits pages (the same goes for my other Archive Tape pages and my Tape Trading pages).


Rewrote a bit for the 'Nits Concert File' main page, inluding a bit about the Mailing List and a link to the new 'Meet the Mailing List People' page. Also fixed the 'thanks' link.


Started working on a new feature: song statisctic tables. More on that in the future.

Tom Telman let me preview the new official Nits website, which will be going online in a few weeks. It's great he wanted my opinion about it. I can only say that this page will be great for fans, adding a lot of inside info, pictures and news, without making Jochen's and my pages obsolete. We both are even prominently linked from that page!


Started the 'Meet the Nits people page'. Especially the first 5 days were filled with updating it.. Work on the Alankomaat tour got very much delayed because of this..


Received a huge box from Tom Telman, containing 68 tapes from the Nits Archive! It includes mostly live recordings from 1979-1989, but there's also some fascinating demo tapes between them. Expect many updates after the ALankomaat tour page has finished.


Did some lay-out stuff on the Alnakomaat page.

Websearch for various images, adaptation of those images for use on the Alankomaat Tour page and added the pictures to the page.

Updated my tape trading pages.

Bought a copy of Leonard Cohen In Concert (from 1994) as a reference for the future page about the Leonard Cohen Flashback Concert the Nits did on December 29th 1999 (Pretty cool CD by the way!).


Yesterday I received a lot of Alankomaat Tour information from Tom Telman and today I entered all of it into the Alankomaat Tour page.

Typing continued on Alankomaat Tour song entries (the end gets in sight).


Guess what: more typing of song entries on the Alankomaat Tour page. Only Tower of Song entries this time.


Happy new year!

I hoped to have the Alankomaat page ready before 2000, but unfortunately I couldn't work on it in the christmas holidays, but I'll try to be ready within a few weeks.

Created the Alankomaat Tour dates page.

Typing of song entries for Alankomaat Tour Page continued in the new year of course.


Yet more typing of song entries for the Alankomaat page.

Checking tapes for Tower of Song entries and making notes.


Typed even more song descriptions for the Alankomaat page.


Typed more song descriptions for the Alankomaat page.


Song descriptions of first 6 songs have been entered.

Several images are made or adapted and added to the server and entered into the page.


Introduction texts on the Alankomaat page (Overview-Stage-Band-Songs) have been typed and earlier writings have been updated or corrected.

Layout Alankomaat page has been determined and has been created.


Due to being busy at work and a work/holiday trip to the USA the Nits Concert File wasn't updated the last few months. I intend to pick up speed again though, starting with fixing a broken link on the Omsk Tour page.

Typing on the Alankomaat Tour page has resumed as well and I hope to have it ready within a few weeks.


Yesterday I realized the Pre-Ting/Hjuvi concerts are missing from the new Nits Concert File location. Today I started to put this right of course!
I had to look for the pages on my harddrive and luckily they were still in my back up of the webpages..

The font was changed, some info was added or changed throughout the document. Links to images were adapted and the page was added to the list on the main page.


Finally had some time to do some updates..

New Flat image fixed on main pages.
Added extra info on the song 'Cold Wind' on the Prenatal Alankomaat page.
Re-installed 'paper' vbackground on update page.
Rotating clef and banner images fixed on main page.


Installed my tapetrading pages on the Geocities server (e-mail me for info if interested in tape trading).

Early September

Jochen has given me direct access to the FTP server so now I can directly update the Nits Concert File myself,
instead of mailing the files to him.


Corrected more broken links and other mistakes.
Slight changes on the noinfo page.
Sent updates to Jochen.


Corrected many broken links and other mistakes on the new location.
Sent a few more pages to Jochen, who put them online.


Moved images for remaining tour pages to designated directories.
Sent files to Jochen, who put them online.


Moved images for the adieu, dadada, gnd & hat tours to designated directories.


The Nits Concert File is temporarily taken off-line on the xs4all server for the relocation due to the many broken links. A replacement main page with an anouncement is made and put up at the xs4all server.

Geocities continues to frustrate me beyond belief.... I even have trouble with files I downloaded to my harddisk. The code they added into my html manages to makes it almost impossible for me to work with my own creations!

Changed the internal links in the remaing   pages for the server.

Created new directory structure for the tour pages and the images.


Changed the internal links in the omsk page for the server.


Changed all internal links for the server on the pages that were updated for the xs4all server.


Work Tour updates:

-moved images to new server and changed links to them
-text and lay-out check: hobbyland - end
-new images: how the west got lost, I want to hold your hand, the lodger, office at night, saragossa, tables and chairs, wake up
-text updates: the lodger, suddenly I met your face, wake up
-updated links
-moved to new server

Main page:

-changed links to Work page


Alankomaat Tour updates:

Finally continued making notes while listening to some tapes, still not finished.


Work  Tour updates:

-new font & removed geocities stuff
-text and lay-out check: overview - hands of the watch
-text updates: overview, dark room, footprint
-new image: hands of the watch


New Flat Tour updates:

-new font & removed geocities stuff
-text updates: band
-minor text updates and layout check: overview to bungalow
-moved all images to new server
-changed links to images

Nits Tour updates:

-corrected title error for once on a sunday afternoon


Nits Tour updates:

-new font
-minor textual updates and lay-out check on whole page
-text updates: stage, first time, harrow accident (historic info), once on a sunday morning, skateboard boy, some other night
-moved images to new server
-updated links to images
- new images: harrow accident, marmor stein un eisen bricht, ronald razorblade
-moved to new server

Main Page updates:

-Changed link to Nits Tour page


Tent Tour updates:

-text and lay-out check: different kitchen to end
-text updates: I saw her standing there, shake some action, slick ballad
-new images: ping pong, hook of holland, tent
-updated links
-moved to new server

Main Page updates:

-Changed links to tent tour
-New icon for prehistory page


Main page updates:

-New text and removal of unnecessary bits.
-Trying to remove all the irritating watermark stuff and popup windows from Geocities
  and trying to control my frustration about this....

Tent Tour updates:

-text and lay-out check for songs up until burgers and beer
-new images: 4 ankles, burgers and beer
-changed tent seperator image and links


Started updating the files from Geocities to be included on the new xs4all server.
Started Update Log.

Tent Tour updates:
-new font, spellcheck, uniformization of quotes and titles
-text updates on the following sections: overview, songs (main)

Earlier Updates in 1998 and 1999

This page was started in April 1998 with the dAdAdA Tour page. It was then hosted on Geocities.
I never really kept track of the updates in the first year, but many of the tour pages and some of the other pages were created and regularly updated.