This is the main section of the Nits Concert File. Each tour has its own page, documenting the specifics of the tour, the band, the stage and most importantly: the songs. All known songs that were played in the tour have an entry. Please use the left side of this page to navigate or click on the icons below to go to a certain tour.

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Prehistory Tours (1974-1978)
Nits Tour (1978-1979)
Tent Tour (1979-1980)
  New Flat Tour (1981)
  Work Tour (1981-1982)
  Omsk Tour (1983)
  Kilo Tour (1983-1984)
  Adieu, sweet Bahnhof Tour (1984-1985)
  Henk Tour (1986-1987)
  Summer Concerts (1987)  
  In the Dutch Mountains Tour (1987-1988)
  Hat Tour (1988-1989)
Urk Tour (1989)
  Giant Normal Dwarf Tour (1990-1991)
  Pre-Ting Werf and Hjuvi Concerts (early 1992)  
  Ting Tour (1992-1993)
  dAdAdA Tour (1994)
  Frits Tour (1994-1995)
  Nest Tour (1995-1996)
  Prenatal Alankomaat Concerts (1996-1997)  
including extensive information by Eric Facon.
  Alankomaat Tour (1998)  
including information by Tom Telman.
  Flashback to Leonard Cohen Concert (December 29th 1999)  
including information by Tom Telman.
  Wool Tour (2000-2002)
  Simon Ho (2002)
1974 (2003-2004) - under construction
 Frits2 (2004)

Solo Tours  
this section will be started in the future

Supersister - Early Tours (1969-1974)
Stips - Egotrip (1996-1997)
Stips - Greyhound (1999)
Supersister - Reunion Tour (2000-2001)
Henk Hofstede - Het Draagbare Huis (2004-2005)