The following list of people have contributed in one way or another to these pages. I'd like to express my gratitude to them. Without outside contribution these pages wouldn't be half as interesting!

The Nits

In all their configurations of course: Henk Hofstede, Rob Kloet, Michiel Peters, Alex Roelofs, Robert Jan Stips, Joke Geraets, Petra Lugtenburg, Martin Bakker, Peter Meuris, Laetitia van Krieken, Arwen Linneman, Leona Philipo and Vera van der Poel.

I'd like to thank all of them for making excellent music, playing great concerts and being very nice and accessible to me and other fans!

Tom Telman

Thanks for all the information and giving me a unique insight into the Nits Archives. These pages wouldn't have been close to complete if it wasn't for those Archive Concert Tapes. 

Paul Telman

Thanks formaking the Nits sound good at concerts, so that audience tapes also often are very listenable ;-)
Also thanks for information mostly supplied thought he nitslist.

Eric Facon

Thanks for all the help on the Amsterdam-Bern Connection and the Simon Ho and Friends Tour. Without your tapes, information and newspaper clippings these pages would be nothing like what they are now!

Jolanda van Huizen

Thanks for getting my Nits tape collection started around 1992-1993! Also thanks for all the great conversations at concerts, through e-mail or over the phone!

Jochen Stein

Thanks for providing the webspace and for letting me 'steal' some images from your excellent webpage. It's a great reference for me when I'm working on my pages.

Suonna Kononen

Thanks for all the information, the many cool (and sometimes dusty..) tapetrades and of course the ice-dive...

Walter Schäppi

Walter has helped me enormously with his Nits Discography, a document so extensive it is a valuable addition for any Nits fan. Walter also looked into hardcopy versions of these pages and gave numerous corrections and additions.


All my fellow-LICE members, for making a dream come true: to actually sing Nits songs on a stage with other fans and even some Nits band members!


Thanks to everyone I traded tapes, minidisks and CDs with. These pages would not exist without this!

All Nitslisters!

Thanks to everyone I either met in real life at concerts or at the Nits Mega Meeting or the ones I only know through my computer screen!

Everyone else who reads these pages

Whether you helped me out, gave me compliments and/or corrections or not. It's great there's all these people from sometimes far away who find my little hobby interesting enough to read!