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I have written a book: NITS FILE.

It's started out as a book version of the Nits Concert File, but it turned into something much bigger. It is basically an encyclopedia of Nits music with sections on the albums, tours, solo projects, videos and most importantly: the songs! Each song known to me (released and unreleased) is discussed with all the information I had available. During my research I found many songs, alternative versions, facts and other background information that will be new to everyone. The book will very likely be available in December. I have made a website (Nits File Website) with more information, including some pages from the book to give an impression of the contents. Also price and ordering information can be found there.

Original Nits Concert File introduction:

Welcome to the Nits Concert File! I started this website in March 1998, and my webpage building skills haven't progressed much beyond the 1998 standard, but it's the content that counts I guess... 

If anyone got to this page and doesn't know who or what the Nits are and what they do then it might be best to first visit the Nearly Official Nits Homepage. There all the basic information, like an extensive discography, band member info and lots of other stuff can be found. For up-to-date news and lots of interesting stuff go to the Official Nits Website.

These pages concentrate exclusively on the Nits live performances throughout the years. All the past tours from the earliest periods in the 70s up until the latest tours are described in detail. Each tour has its own page, featuring an overview, stage, personnel and extensive song by song descriptions. The Song Statistics section gives a detailed overview about all the songs the band played over the years.

All the information comes from visiting concerts, tape trades or even from people very close to the Nits themselves. If anyone reading these pages can provide me with more information or unique concert tapes, please e-mail me, and I will try to process the information and put it on the page (with credit of course!) as soon as possible.

I'm trying to keep an Update Log for this and a few related sites, where I'll put all the changes on the site. So if you haven't been here for a while you can go there to see what's changed since your last visit.

If you'd like to read Nits news and discuss Nits music please subscribe to the Nits Mailing List. This page has all the info you need for subscribing. It also features an archive of all posts since the beginning of the Mailing List in 1995. If you'd like to see what other Nits fans from all over the world look like, what their hobbies are and what stuff they like, you definitely should visit the 'Meet the Nits Mailing List People' page.

If you've read about the tours, but also like to hear them there are two things I can suggest. The first is Alwin's Nits Files page, which hosts many mp3 files from concerts. I have moved the few mp3s that were here to that page and added many new ones. I have removed the Hobbyland Trading page, because I had no time to keep it updated regularly. The new place to go for trading is the Nits Yahoo Group, you'll find many people there willing to trade or to help you start trading. You can join by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

I stopped updating the Nits Fans sections long ago, so it's no use sending me new profiles or updates. I have no time to keep that going. I'm leaving it online, since it's a nice document of Nits fans. If someone else is interested in taking this over: mail me!

Please use the left side of this page to navigate to the different sections of the Nits Concert File.

Dennis Versteeg