last update: 30-03-2005

There were a lot of fans taking photographs and on this page you can find many of these photos.
Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos!!!


Sandra Karen Keller
Joel Leclerq

Pieter Moens 
Jochen Stein (scroll down for the 2005 photos)
Dennis Versteeg:
LICE Rehearsals 20-02 & 19-03

Dennis Versteeg:
Various Fan Performances

Arjan Versteeg:

Dennis Versteeg:

English Flyer

Dutch Flyer
Wine Bottle Label

Setlist LICE

German lyrics of In A Play by Tenno

As people might have noticed: there were some people filming the performances, the quiz and everything else. These recordings will be turned into a DVD called NITSBITS that can be ordered when it's finished. 
The DVD will contain a documentary about Greatest NITS INC with impressions, performances and interviews and the footage that was shown at the convention (the recording of the 1974 concert in Bloemendaal) 
The Nits gave them permission to sell this DVD. It will cost 5 euros. Please check for the progress and samples of the DVD and contact for more information.