The convention is over and it was a fantastic day and a big success with lots of fans, friends and Nits members!
There was a lot of great music performed by fans and past and present Nits members and the atmosphere was amazing.
This page will slowly transform into a photo and memory page. I'll update this page over the next few days/weeks.

If you have something to share (such as stories and/or photos): please contact me.
If you have photos: I would only like to receive digital versions and if possible please put them on a website to which I can link or from which I can easily download the pictures. If you can't do that: no problem, of course. We'll just find another way.

If you are interested in the unreleased Nits song 'Lies' that was performed by fan group LICE, please visit the NITS FILES website. Scroll down a bit an you'll find an mp3 of the original NITS recording that was used by LICE as the basis for their performance.

PHOTOS last update: 30-03-2005
 STORIES last update: 29-03-2005

Some more links:
Jelle Amersfoort's Site
(Jelle is LICE bandmember, but also has his own band)
(The site of the people that were filming during the day)
Nits Yahoo Group
(discussions and trading)
Greatest Nits Convention 2000
(see what it was like at the first convention)
Official Nits Website
(information and lots of fun stuff) (oldest and most informative Nits fansite)
Nits Concert File (Extensive Nits live descriptions)
Stairway To Heaven
(Website of the Greatest Nits 2005 location)