Sampler Demos (circa 1986-1987)

first published: 15-03-2005


This is an odd bunch of demos. It was on a Nits Archive Tape simply named 'Sampler'. No information was given on the tape except the title. I guess these are recordings from one of the band members, probably Robert Jan, made when they just bought a new sampler/synthesizer. The song weren't named on the tape cover (if they had names at all) and they are instrumentals with vocal samples layered over them. From the sound of the songs I guess that they were recorded sometime around the Henk or Dutch Mountains period. with its harsh samples and hesitant rhythms this 25 minute collection of demos certainly isn't the easiest stuff to listen to.. It mostly resembles Robert Jan's (much better) 'Rembrandt 2000' project or maybe stuff like the Nits b-sides KuuKuu, Her Second Office or Her Second Zebra. 


Sampler Demo #1 - version 1

length: 3.03 / soundquality: excellent

Intrusive, industrial sounding synth noises with a repeatetive female voice saying something 'avez tout suite' or something similar.

Sampler Demo #1 - version 2

length: 3.05 / soundquality: excellent

This one uses some of the same sounds and vocals as the first song and has a similar hesitant rhythm. This one has some more orchestral and percussive-like sounds. Another soft vocal sample (something with 'time') eneters about half way through.

Sampler Demo #2 - version 1

length: 2.48 / soundquality: excellent

A fastly looped note over which horn-like sounds are played in soft hits. A cheap-sounding percussion loop is developed throughout the song. Some wordless male and female voices enter in the last minute.

Sampler Demo #2 - version 2

length: 3.14 / soundquality: excellent

A slow drum computer rhythm starts this one of. The same horn-like samples as in the other version enter and also the percussion loop returns, as well as the male and female vocal samples. Some orchestral hits are prominent, as well as some other droning noises. This one is a bit slower than the other version.

Sampler Demo #2 - version 3

length: 3.43 / soundquality: excellent

Another variation on Sampler Demo #2. The same sounds and samples are used, but again reararranged a bit differently. A new drum rhythm is started, soon joined by the familiar percussion loop. The vocal samples become very intense near the end.

Sampler Demo #3

length: 3.31 / soundquality: excellent

A slow drum computer sample start this one of. A German sounding female voice loop is heard over this. A soft German male voice saying 'langsam' joins in. Orchestral hits join, soon followed by another German male voice. This remains rather continuous, although there is some variation in the samples dropping in and out. Towards the end the intensity increases. The song stops and continuous almost immediately and is continued for half a minute more.

Sampler Demo #4

length: 3.12 / soundquality: excellent

A bass and drum hit, sweeping synth noises and some voices make up the weird rhythm of this one. This stops and goes for quite some time without much variation until it suddenly stops.

Sampler Demo #5

length: 3.02 / soundquality: excellent

An irregular bird-like scream starts this one off. An echo-y percussion loop joins and some speaking and shouting voice samples and a beeping sound enter. A last intrusive loop that sounds like a machine enters about halfway through. It drops out only to give room for another echo-y percussion loop. This might be the most irritating sounding demo of the bunch...