In the Dutch Mountains Demo (1987)

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first published: 15-02-2005 / last update: 11-03-2005


The In The Dutch Mountains album was recorded live in the Werf studio without overdubs. The band had played several of the songs in concert though during the summer 1987 Tour (In The Dutch Mountains, Yksi Kaksi Kolme, Pelican & Penguin, Goodnight, Strangers Of The Night, J.O.S. days, Rhythm Of The Rain and The Panorama Man), so they were familiar with several of them. The lyrics and some of the music was different from the later released versions. Please read the Summer 87 Tour page on more information on these songs. 

During the recording sessions the band played several takes of the songs and selected the best one. This means that for most songs several other versions should exist and few of them actually saw the light of day on official releases. Magic Of Lassie II is an alternate take of Magic Of Lassie. I actually think that Magic Of Lassie II is the original and that the album version is a fun later take they decided to use. There is a 'retired version' of The Panorama Man that was released as a b-side. This version is very basic with a simple standard keyboard backing. Part of a different, more soulful version of An Eating House can be found on the Dutch Mountains album right after the normal version of the song.

Two other versions of songs and one unreleased song are circulating among collectors though. Hopefully more will surface in the future.


In The Dutch Mountains

length: 4.12 / quality: excellent sound

After some short studio chatter the song starts similar to the released version. It seems a little bit slower and somewhat more static. The lyrics are almost like the final version. In concert during the Summer '87 Tour there often were some variations. he big surprise comes just before the slow section. A completely new, unreleased bit is present there. It features a new jumpy rhythm and Henk singing 'All the bricks falling down, falling down on the ground' among samples, including 'all the bricks' said by the same guy that does the 'mountains' and 'buildings' samples. After this intrusive section that is interesting, but luckily was removed, the slow part follows. The fast part returns quite strongly after this and the song is played similar to the end, but instead of the continuing 'mountains' and 'buildings' samples it ends with one final, fading chord after the first 'mountains' sample. After a few seconds another take of the ending starts which has repeating 'mountains', 'buildings' and the new 'rocks and stone' samples played over a soft version of the main music. This lasts for about 30 seconds until the music slowly stops.

Ka Ka Ka

length: 3.52 / soundquality: very good

This was recorded during the Dutch Mountains sessions and just like all songs from that time it was recorded live to 2-track. The song starts out with a continuous cello-sound (real or synth?). Some percussion is added and a guitar plays a short melody over this. Henk sings the lyrics over this continuous backing. At some spots there's a sudden intense wordless (KaKaKa..) part with some strong piano parts, after which the song returns to the original music but with an added marimba. Some synth hits are added near the end. Another longer KaKaKa part follows. A bridge that sounds like a melody from the Ting era follows and another KaKaKa part follows which now also features some synth-bell sounds. The song ends very strange with some sequenced synth parts (similar to Stips' later release Pop 25 from the Egotrip album) over which flutes are played and a distorted vocal of 'We're everywhere'. This last part does not have any connection with the rest of the song.


Nothing can stop you from crying
And they want you to swim
Standing for hours
Shivering at the edge of the pool
Some people smile when
it seems there's a hole in your <unintelligable>
Nothing can keep you from crying
And they want you to go

KaKaKa KaKaKaKaKa
KuKuKu KuKuKuKu

Sitting for hours
And reading the maps of the town
You <unintelligable>  you follow the buses
That are driving around
Nothing could stop you
From crying, laughing you <unintelligable>
Standing for hours, hours, hours

KaKaKa KaKaKaKaKa
KuKuKu KuKuKuKu
KaKaKa KaKaKaKaKa
KuKuKu KuKuKuKu

Say a month but <unintelligable>
Say I'm leaving but my real name is June

KaKaKa KaKaKaKaKa
KuKuKu KuKuKuKu
KaKaKa KaKaKaKaKa
KuKuKu KuKuKuKu

Strangers Of The Night

length: 3.50 / quality: excellent sound

This one sounds much simpler than the released version. The synths are sharp and there are a lot of sound effects (e.g. wind blowing and the laughing audience that ended up in Magic Of Lassie). It's only the first part of the song and most of the melodies are present in one form or another. The jazzy section with the distorted voice is not present, the song simply stays with the music of the first part and there are some repeats and improvised lyrics until it fades out. This version actually sounds a lot like Port Of Amsterdam.