dA dA dA Demo's (1993-1994)

first published: 11-03-2005


After the Ting Tour the band decided to record a few new songs that could be added to a greatest hits album. At least one song was already written and played during the last few Ting concerts (What We Did On Our Holidays). Apparently the band had a lot of inspiration and the couple of songs turned into a complete album... The greatest hits album had to wait for a while and the band released the dAdAdA album instead. A few recordings that are probably recorded in late 1993 and the beginning of 1994 surfaced with collectors. Three of them were released (Broken Wing on the actual greatest hits album Nest and two as b-sides: Morning became a bit shorter and was retitled Kuu Kuu and If Two People ended up as f Two on the dAdAdA single). The other two songs remain unreleased


Broken Wing

length: 2.43 / soundquality: excellent

This is an early version of Broken Wing. It sounds very much like a demo. The tempo is slower and theelectric guitar dominates the song. A slow drum computer beat continuous throughout. There are two vocal lines that overlap, but often do not match. The lyrics are almost impossible to understand and definitely unfinished.

If Two 

length: 2.03 / soundquality: excellent

A drum computer beat with atmospheric synths over it start the song. The lyrics consist only of a voice singing 'If Two People' over and over again. There is a rumbling bass guitar, several synth touches, but it remains a bit uninteresting for most of the time until it suddenly stops. The released version (on the dAdAdA single) is much more varied and interesting.


length: 6.33 / soundquality: excellent

This was released on the official Nits website as a free mp3-download. It was written for a documentary. This song can be found in a minute shorter version on the dAdAdA single under the name 'Kuu Kuu'. The song is nothing more than a repeating bass-line and percussion over which a lot of sound effects are played (cars starting, birds, crashes, bells, etc) and some synth touches. 

Pitter Patter

length: 2.49 / soundquality: excellent

A very interesting song. It is piano based with a simple backing and some bell-like percussion at first and a more regular drum and orchestral synths later on. Henk's singing is very subdued, which fits the song. There are backing voices singing 'pitter patter' throughout large parts of the song. 


As I'm writing you this letter (pitter patter)
It's raining outside, Donnerwetter (pitter patter)
Brought the children to my mother (pitter patter)
They start kissing and beating each other (pitter patter) 
You know the view from my window (pitter patter)
The trees in the park are brown and red (pitter patter)
And I hope that this winter (pitter patter)
We will have some snow

(pitter patter) (pitter patter)

I wonder how you are (pitter patter)
In the dark Helsinki (pitter patter)
And I wonder if sometimes (pitter patter)
You think of me 

I'm not afraid of the rain (pitter patter) (pitter patter)

And it's almost the same (pitter patter)
And do you remember? (pitter patter)
You still have to remain (pitter patter)
A short [...] (pitter patter)
And it's almost the same (pitter patter)
I hope that [...] is feeling better (pitter patter)
Last time she was beautiful (pitter patter)
Not angry anymore of the darkness (pitter patter)
In Helsinki

I'm not afraid of the rain (pitter patter)

When the snow is melting (pitter patter)
I come in a boat or in a plane (pitter patter)
We will talk again (pitter patter)
In the bar of the hotel Torni (pitter patter)
Don't worry (pitter patter)
I will buy you a big pack of cigarettes (pitter patter)
Only if you promise to save (pitter patter)
Some Finnish wodka for me (pitter patter)

I'm not afraid of the rain
I'm not afraid of the rain 


length: 3.03 / soundquality: excellent

An interesting mid-tempo song. It wouldn't have sounded out of place on the dAdAdA album or as a b-side from that period. It mostly resembles Sorrow, but it's more upbeat. The music is a gentle layered synth backing over subtle percussion. Henk sings the lyrics, including the backing harmonies. They are mostly too difficult to properly understand unfortunately, but the chorus consists of the line 'Rainsongs are falling down tonight'. This is absolutely a very nice tune and I wouldn't mind hearing this on some release like Quest.