Alankomaat Demos (1998)

first published: 19-08-03 / updated: 28-10-04

General information

There are four recordings available from the Alankomaat period that weren't released on the album or on any of the singles. The first is an unreleased remix of Sister Rosa, the second a demo of 'Changing Room'. Both were made available as mp3 files through the official site and still can be found there in the download section. The demo for 'Changing Room' was also released on a CD that was given away with french magazine 'Abus Dangereux' in mid-2002. The other two demos were broadcast on the radio on January 4th 1998 when Henk was interviewed about the upcoming album and tour. He brought early mixes of Three Sisters and Robinson with him to be played on the show. 


The Changing Room

length: 4.25 / quality: excellent sound (the CD version is of course better than the mp3 version)

A much fuller and busy version, featuring different lyrics and different instrumentation. The main melody lines are present in the mix full of synth noises, harmonica and percussion. The title 'The Changing Room' does not occur in this version, but the chorus is changed to:

Sometimes I smile
But I'm so afraid
Flowers on my grave

The rest of the lyrics are very difficult to understand between all the noises and because of the very mumbled singing. Near the end distorted electrical guitars make the mix even more full, before it all ends with some very techno-sounding synth noises. This is an interesting version and certainly has a lot of charm, but the released version is much more subtle and far superior.

Sister Rosa (Kimmo Kajasto Remix)

length: 4.00 / quality: excellent sound

A very relaxed remix by Kimmo Kajasto, a very good Finnish friend of the band. This version sounds very stripped down to the released version, especially in the beginning, where a lot of sounds have been removed or altered. A vocal drum sound is very prominent throughout. The drums become more prominent here and there, giving this mix a good balance.

The nice thing about this mix is that it highlights little sounds that are difficult to distinguish from the released version, without loosing it's feel and therefore making this a very cool addition to the track that was already known. Kimmo added some sounds, but they only support the music and never take over. This remix a lot more interesting and infinitely better than the remix that was released on single. Kimmo understands the Nits and knows how to treat the music.


length: 2.50 / quality: excellent sound

Broadcast on the 04-01-98 radio interview show. This is the version with the original lyrics. They had to be replaced because Paul Simon's representatives didn't allow the many quotes from several Paul Simon songs. The lyrics were rewritten for the album, but in concert Henk always sang the original ones. The vocals were of course rerecorded, but the music is the same. The mix is still rough, but seems to be a bit more quiet and toned-down. The harsh guitar sounds are less prominent and the vocals sound a bit more subdued than the released version, the new ones are clearer and louder in the mix. It's great to hear the original version, because the lyrics are much more balanced and the Paul Simon quotes make sense in the context of the topic of the song.

Three Sisters

length: 4.24 / quality: excellent sound

Broadcast on the 04-01-98 radio interview show. This version is actually an early mix of the song. The main difference is the slightly extended intro. A low synth drone is played with some slight percussion for a few bars. The song then starts as on the album. In concert they always played this intro (where it usually was even longer). The rest of the song is very similar, except that it's clearly a rough mix and doesn't sound as balanced as the released version. The electric guitar and synth seem more prominent in this version and the percussion sounds much less clear and sounds a bit muddled.