This section documents the demos that are circulating among fans. These demos often are very nice insights in how songs were created. Sometimes they are very similar and sometimes they are totally different from the final version.

This page is still under construction and at the moment there is not much content yet, but this is something that will hopefully soon change!

Alex Roelofs / Joop van de Bijl (1973)
Nits (1976-1978)
  Nits (1976-1978)
  Tent (1979)
  New Flat (1980)
  Work (1981)
  Omsk (1983)
  Kilo (1983)
  Adieu (1984)
Sampler (1986-1987)
Michiel Peters Solo Album (1987-1988)
  Giant normal dwarf (1990)
  Alankomaat (1998)